Technical specifications

Confidential, secured, eco-friendly

Low bandwidth consumption

Optical fibra and wifi is not always available. Even thought you can access wifi, it often is low quality in public areas such as train stations and airports.

Because we are also concerned by our planet preservation and knowing digital word is consuming more and more ressources, we took in account both energy concumption (see beside → ) and bandwidth consumption.

That's why at Holoffice our engineers are working daily on the reduction of the bandwidth usage. This improves your experience where ever you are and enables us to save bandwidth to your audio experience.

You may use 3G network and still have a great experience

Limited battery consumption

When you are remote working, you don't always easily have access to energy providers to fullfill your batteries. And most of your communication tools such as video-conferencing is hightly consuming your batteries.

Because we are also concerned by our planet preservation and knowing digital word is consuming more and more ressources, we took in account both energy concumption and bandwidth consumption ( ← see beside).

Holoffice engineers work daily on saving your batteries while using our solutions. This enables you to work collaborativly with your team for a long time.


Your private and professional data is yours. We will not use it, and indeed we don't save what you do online with your team. The only data we keep on our servers are the login data you fullfill at registering time. If you own a Small Business or Cloud-Entreprise solution we also save what ever file you push on the cloud. Nevertheless, this data is not accessed by Holoffice teams.

All communication are made over secured protocols (ssl) and our engineers made special efforts to warn your team's members so they never leave their microphone open while they want personnal confidentiality.

Your data is kept in European area


Your data is important and that's why it will not desapear! The data you created in the workshop is saved on all the connected devices live. Even if you have a network interuption, your data will not disapear. You may even work while the network was interrupt and Holoffice will merge the data with the rest of the team as soon as the network comes back.

Web based

No application installation ! No complicated onboarding process !

The solution is 100% web-based, desktop and virtual reality modules can be used through your navigator. Just login in and use.

Hostable on premise

Entreprise package enables the deployment of Holoffice on premise. The Virtual Reality module as well as the desktop communication module are fully deployable on your own servers.

Known issues with browsers and audio headsets

Some browsers and audio headset are not compatible with the latest standards used by Holoffice 😔. There are solutions!


Mozilla Firefox

Full implementation

How best choice goes to Mozilla firefox

with Mozilla Firefox, you can benefit from the whole technologie used by Holoffice:

Surrounding noise filtration
When having a conversation, you better like your voice to be the main or even the only audio information you send to your teammates. Mozilla uses filtrering codex that make your experience confortable.
Spacilization of audio stream
Holoffice specific experience relies on spacialization of your voices. Thanks to that spacialization, we reproduce an onsite conversation ambiance. Your brain can differenciate different voices arround and multiple conversations can happen at once and you still can interact. To do so we need to filter the audio comming from your colleagues so that we do not produce larcen. Mozilla firefox correctly implements that standard. It filters the outgoing audio stream from the application. This implies a correct filtration of the localized audio streams.

Thanks to Mozilla you can use your computer's speakers if you do not have proper headsets

Google Chrome

Headset needed

How second best choice goes to Google Chrome

With Google Chrome, the reentrant audio is filter uppon the incomming audio stream. This means that the spacialization is not taken in account. Because so, using Chrome without a audio headset leads to larcen.

If you use Chrome, you must wear headsets (see section below to know more about restrictions)


Wired headphones

No limitation

Wired headphones with microphone as well as without microphone are totally operational to be used with Holoffice.

Excellent choice!

Blutooth headset without microphone

No limitation but...

Bluetooth headphones without microphones are totally operational with Holoffice. Remember that your microphone is on your computer , you cannot walk away from it while talking. This is not different from other tools but with Holoffice you get so confident and confortable that you may forget 😜.

Excellent choice!

Bluetooth headset with microphone

You need the latests

Bluetooth headphones with microphones still mostly don't use the latly technolgies. Sadly this have an impact on using Holoffice. The latest bluetooth technologies enable the use of 3 channels on your headset : left, right and microphone. This is needed to be able to listen to stereo, wich in our case means spatial audio.

Most of the older technologies only provide with 2 channels. That enables you to listen to some stereo music, or have a mono conversation. When you activate the your microphone, it uses one of the 2 channels, making listening mono. With older technologies you will not benefit from the spacial experience.

Having bought your headset recently does not mean it uses the lattest technologies. Most don't now a days. Ask us if you need.

Excellent choice if you own a headphone handling the latest technologies!