Remote work, collaboration best features !

Find some good tricks to use Holoffice

Bubble yourself

Work in good conditions, and stay connected

You can stay connected to your team and still work quietly! It's very easy, just click on yourself. At the time your color changed, you will notice that you cannot here the rest of the team any more! No more keyboard cacophony! And the others can't hear you either.

There are many ways to get out of the bubble. You can decide to get out clicking on the cross at the center. You can also just change room, this will automatically take you out of your bubble.

Someone can still come to talk to you. They will just click on you. At that time you will be notify that you left your bubble, and you will enter whisper mode whith your colleague (see wispering). When your colleague leaves the wisper mode (see wisper) your back in your bubble.


Whisper at a meeting or on the openspace.

You can have a conversation with colleagues without disturbing the surrounding! As soon as you entered the wisper mode with one or more colleagues, you can have a conversation with them, still hear whats happening arround and staying connected to your other colleagues.

The sound in the whispering group will be 100%, while outside incoming voices are reduced. And the reverse is also true: your colleagues outside of the wispering group hear each other 100% while you conversation is reduced so that you don't disturb.

To enter the whispering mode, just click on the colleague(s) you want to whisper with. And of course to come out of the whispering mode just click on the pink cross in the middle.

Change room

Have multiple submeetings at once, stay in contact.

If your at a workshop, you probably need to ne able to create subdivisions of the teams. Of course Holoffice space is big enough for you to benefit from multiple places where you can go with part of the team.

While your subteams are working, because you still are in the space with them, you can go from one subgroup to another, helping and coaching...

To move from room to room, just click on there name...

Choose your place

Sit near to whom it suits your need.

Because the sound is spatialized, sitting close to someone does mean something at Holoffice. That why you can sit where it suits you to be near the important people at your meeting.

Just click on a free seat to change your place. The sound spatialization changes to reflect your new position in the room and relativaly to your friends or colleagues.

To move from room to room, just click on there name...

(Dis)Activate video conference easily

Don't uselessly let your camera on.

May be you need to see your colleagues for a couple of minutes, at the begining of the meeting. At some point though you will probably switch to a shared screen or to some document.

When you switch screen, you do not need to see your colleagues any more, nor do you want to forget they can see you and begin do stuff infront of the camera.

With holoffice, go to the video-conference tab to both see the others and activate your camera. And just leave the tab to another tab to switch it of! It's so simple and keep your privacy safe.

Invite people to your space

Fast form to invite someone to join you.

Provide your customer, firends and partners a access to your space. Fillin a simple form, they will receive an email inviting them to join you in your space.